Hill House, Castlewellan

Hill House, Castlewellan

  • Completed

    2003 (Phase 1) - 2009 (Phase 2)

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  • Location


  • Client

    Private Client

  • Awards

    NI RSPB/RTPI Sustainable Planning Award (2008)

    Housing Executive - Home Energy Awards (2009)

The house is situated on the edge of the proposed Mourne National Park and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is constructed to minimise its environmental impact, both visually and ecologically.  Phase 1 involved the construction of the main family home: conceived as a group of buildings forming a sheltered courtyard.  Phase 2 involved the construction of a sunroom to link the main dwelling to the studio.

We conceive

The design reinterprets the traditional forms found within the Irish countryside and uses traditional materials, yet it is clearly contemporary, with low key modern elements such as the games room and conservatory.  The site slopes steeply down from the entrance at the top.  The studio and games rooms are cut into the hillside to enclose a gently sloped courtyard that is framed on the south east by the house. 

The house has been used to illustrate good design in the countryside in the DOE’s publication ‘Building on Tradition’ available on the DOE Planning website.

Our client was delighted with the integration of Phase 2 into the original scheme.

"White Ink Architects' design has carefully integrated our new sunroom with the existing building.  The use of rubble stone obtained from the site has enhanced the scheme to a level where the sunroom now looks to be part of the original scheme. The sunroom has added a new internal dimension to our living area and is now the focal point of our house."

Private Client

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